Shaw Auditorium Unit Presents: Stamp Your Way to a Surprise

Shaw Auditorium


The Shaw Auditorium Unit is excited to present a stamp-collecting campaign – “Stamp Your Way to a Surprise” during the fall term from September to November 2023. By participating in this campaign, you will have the opportunity to attend a diverse range of art and cultural events held at the Shaw Auditorium and collect stamps on your stamp card. These stamps can be redeemed for some exciting prizes.



This campaign is open to individuals of HKUST students, faculty and staff, as well as Friends of HKUST.


Eligible Events:

Sep 14 | 14:00   Master Class by Nikolai SARATOVSKY

Sep 14 | 19:30   Piano Recital by Nikolai SARATOVSKY

Sep 21 | 10:00   SA Info Day - SAU & ME (Cantonese)

Sep 21 | 15:00   SA Info Day - SAU & ME (English)

Sep 26 | 19:30   Schubertiade IV: Cong Quartet and Friends

Sep 27 | 12:30   Moonlit Delights @ SA

Oct 6 | 19:30     Lecture Recital: Cantonese Taste by Windpipe Chinese Music Ensemble

Oct 10 | 19:30   Screening and Sharing: To Be Continued

Oct 20 | 13:00   15 Minutes of Fame (Venue: Foyer Exhibition Space, Shaw Auditorium)*

Oct 20 | 19:00    Ear Up School Showcase

Oct 27 | 19:30    Guitar Recital by Antonio LÓPEZ (Venue: CMA Lecture Theater (LT-L) )*

Oct 29 | 18:30    Endless Melody Music Festival & Singing Contest Final

Oct 31 | 19:30    Czech Composers Series - Concert III

Nov 21 | 13:00   15 Minutes of Fame (Venue: Foyer Exhibition Space, Shaw Auditorium)*

Nov 24 | 15:00   Talk: Art x Tech in Van Gogh In Me (Venue: SCI/HOME)*

Venue: Shaw Auditorium


*Newly added events for the stamp collection campaign

Terms and Conditions:

  • Stamp cards will be available at the reception on the event date and display stands in Shaw Auditorium.
  • Present this card and your event ticket to our staff after attending an eligible event to collect one stamp.
  • Only one stamp is allowed per event, and the date will be written next to the stamp to ensure that each participant collects only one stamp per event.
  • No stamps will be issued after the event day.
  • A tote bag can be redeemed when 3 stamps are collected. A mystery gift can be redeemed when 2 more stamps (5 stamps in total) are collected.
  • Gifts can be redeemed only when the stamps are on the same card.
  • Shaw Auditorium reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions.



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