Joint Seminar hosted by ECE Dept, SKL of ADT, SID(HK Chapter) and SID(HKUST - Student Branch)


Realfiction Auto-Multiscopic Display

4:30pm - 6:00pm
Classroom 4475 (Lift 25/26) , and also available in ZOOM

Danish Realfiction ApS has been in the business of specialty displays for sales and exhibitions in more than 10 years with partners worldwide.

The latest development project, “Project Echo”, concerns an autostereoscopic display with look-around capability based on eye position tracking. Images are generated from 3D models in perspective view corresponding to eye positions. Pixels are directional so they emit light towards individual eyeballs of the observers. Light emission directions are controlled by switching of subpixels, and subpixels are focused by front microlenses towards observer eyeballs. Subpixels are addressed optically with infrared light. This is achieved using an OLED stack with an embedded infrared photosensitive layer, and a back illumination subsystem. In this talk we will discuss about the ECHO Auto Stereoscopic project (Steen Iversen, Director of Technology, Realfiction) and the commercial side of the same (Clas Dyrholm, CEO, Realfiction).

4:30pm - 6:00pm
Classroom 4475 (Lift 25/26) , and also available in ZOOM
講者/ 表演者:
Clas Dyrholm (CEO) and Steen Iversen (Director of Technology)
Realfiction Holding AB

Clas Dyrholm (CEO, Realfiction)

Pioneering the market for holographic video displays since 2002. Building international sales and marketingthrough competence, cooperation and trust.

Steen Iversen (Director of Technology, Realfiction)

CTO, Director of Technology, CEO, General Manager. 20+ years in leading R&D units and start-ups within hardware, software and optics from ideas to revenue streams. Conception, validation, feasability studies, stakeholder analysis, patenting, development, productizing, marketing- and sales assistance, sustaining and aftermarket services. IP strategy and -portfolio management. R&D unit set-up, R&D strategy, hiring, R&D processes and -governance models. Hands-on with engineers solving complex technical problems. Focus on company goals and strategy. Passionate and personable.

About Realfiction

Realfiction is a leading global provider of unique 3D holographic display solution for retail, expos and brand activations. We help high-end brands and companies showcase their products in groundbreaking ways, enabling features and details to be communicated in visually attractive ways that challenge the very perception of reality. Our award-winning solutions generate attention and engagement that resonate with today's consumer who increasingly lives beyond the reach of classic advertising



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SKL of ADT, SID(HK Chapter) and SID(HKUST - Student Branch)

Venue : Classroom 4475 (Lift 25/26) - limited seats, please register at this link :                               


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