Hong Kong Green Week - Leveraging Partnership by BuildTech in Public Housing

9:15am - 5:05pm
Rayson Huang Theatre, The University of Hong Kong

A full-day seminar will be held on 29 Feb 2024 (Thursday) at Rayson Huang Theatre, The University of Hong Kong. The theme of the seminar is Leveraging Partnership by BuildTech in Public Housing, and aims to collaborate stakeholders from construction sector and financial sector in leveraging partnerships and benefit public housing in use of green technology.

Guest speakers from different stakeholders, such as from Housing Department, academia, public housing contractors and supplier, PropTech, and financial sector will made presentation, and the event will be great opportunity for leveraging partnership between the different sectors and stakeholders in the building industry.  

講者/ 表演者:
Ms Winnie Ho, JP
Secretary for Housing, HKSAR Government
講者/ 表演者:
Mr. Daniel LEUNG, AD(DP)
Housing Department, HKSAR Government
講者/ 表演者:
Prof. Wei PAN
Head of Department of Civil Engineering, HKU
講者/ 表演者:
Dr. Conrad Wong
Vice-Chairman, Yau Lee Construction
講者/ 表演者:
Mr. Patrick Hou
Director, Gammon Construction
講者/ 表演者:
Mr. Andy Deng
Chief Executive Officer, DaFang Intelligent Technology
講者/ 表演者:
Ms. Rainie PAN
Managing Director, Hong Kong PropTech Association
講者/ 表演者:
Mr. Laurence Li Lu-Jen, SC
Chairman, HK FSDC
講者/ 表演者:
Mr. Joseph Chan Ho-lim, JP
Under Secy. for Financial Services & the Treasury
講者/ 表演者:
Ms. Grace Hui
Adjunct Professor, Division of Environment and Sustainability, HKUST
Office of Knowledge Transfer 代表 Housing Department, HKSAR Government