Call for Expression of Interest - Frontier Technology Project Fund & Engineering Project Fund- HKUST Collaborative Innovation Center (HCIC)


HKUST Collaborative Innovation Center (HCIC) cordially invites HKUST members to express interest in submitting project proposals in below application fields:

  1. Optoelectronics


    • Laser sources
      • On-chip integrated laser sources
      • Other novel laser sources (not high power)
    • Optical sensors
      • On-chip integrated optical sensors
      • Fiber optic sensors
      • Spectroscopy-based sensors
      • Other novel optical sensors
    • Flexible electronics
      • Flexible display
      • Flexible sensing


  2. Materials


    • Structural Material
      • Composite and processing technologies
    • Functional Material
      • Structural materials with function integration
    • Energy materials
      • Energy conversion materials
      • Energy storage materials
    • Organic electronics
      • Semi-conductors/Conductors
      • Display materials
      • Biomaterials


  3. Medical Devices


    • Physiological and pathological imaging and detection
      • Optical imaging and spectroscopy
      • Ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging
      • In-vitro diagnosis
    • Interventional and treatment device
      • Cardiology
      • Ophthalmology


  4. Environmental Engineering


    • Water treatment technology
      • Intelligent system, materials and microorganism
    • Detection and monitoring technology
      • Trace pollutant detection
      • Harmful microbes detection
    • Circular economy
      • Pollution monitoring and recycling


  5. Intelligent Manufacturing


    • Industrial software
      • Design, research and development
      • Process management
      • IIoT
    • Intelligent Equipment
      • 3D printing
      • Industrial robotics
      • Scientific equipment
      • Key component and control system
    • Digital Manufacturing
      • Virtual design, manufacturing, and process control


  6. Biomedicine


    • Antiviral tumor cancer drugs
      • Small-molecule targeted drugs
      • High-end preparation




Project Duration

1-2 years



Up to HK$1 million per Frontier Technology Project;

Up to US$1 million per Engineering Project


Application Procedure

  • Faculty express their interest by filling in the Expression of Interest Form and email to of OKT.
  • PI of shortlisted projects will be invited to submit a full proposal and present the project.


Due Date of Expression of Interest

All year round



Daiying Xu                      +852 2358 8957

Joshua Leung            +852 2358 6164


About HKUST Collaborative Innovation Center (HCIC)

The HKUST Collaborative Innovation Center (HCIC) was jointly established by The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) and Beijing Institute of Collaborative Innovation (BICI) in December 2019. HCIC aims to promote the various types of cooperation between HKUST and BICI in projects beneficial to both Parties and society. The main research areas for HCIC include, but not limited to, Advanced Materials and Devices, Electronics and Devices, Energy and Environment, Healthcare, and Intelligent Systems and Robotics.


About Beijing Institute of Collaborative Innovation (BICI)

The Beijing Institute of Collaborative Innovation (BICI) is a pioneering new institute in China who endeavours to bring research outputs to market. It employs innovative approaches to fund for translational researches aiming to improve the probability of commercialization success. It has established collaborations with both major domestic and overseas institutions.

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