Landscaping: The Tool for Harnessing Creative Effort for Enhanced Inventive Research

10:00am - 11:00am
Online via Zoom

In today’s highly competitive technology areas, inventive research requires planning and tools to optimize value extraction from the research.  Corporations invest large sums of money to finance inventive research focused around products that aim to provide a return on the investment.  In order to compete, universities and research institutes need to adopt an innovation-enhancing environment to focus their research for optimal value capture.  This is especially true for research in the highly competitive technology areas of artificial intelligence, next generation communication products and methodologies, and sensor technologies which enable devices to interact with the real world.

On 29 September 2021, a presentation “Landscaping: The Tool for Harnessing Creative Effort for Enhanced Inventive Research” will explore the relationship between invention and innovation and how patent landscaping can be used for focusing innovation to optimize value extraction from inventive research.  The presentation will look at how patent landscaping can both be used to strengthen one’s patent portfolio and be used to focus inventive research for inspiring greater returns from creative effort.


Daniel R Collopy, US Patent Attorney from Spruson & Ferguson Intellectual Property

The speaker will be Daniel Collopy who has more than thirty-five years as an intellectual property lawyer helping clients realize value from their creations and inventions. In addition to being a Principal at the Singapore firm of Spruson and Ferguson (Asia), which provides intellectual property legal services across East Asia and the Indian subcontinent, Daniel Collopy is an Adjunct Fellow and Instructor with the World Intellectual Property Organization’s IP Academy (Singapore), a Lecturer in postgraduate business studies at Singapore University of Social Sciences, and a Director with Inflexion Point Strategy, LLC, which represents technology companies and institutional investors in buying, selling, and investing in intellectual property including patent portfolios, exclusive rights, related know-how, and businesses for which IP assets are critically important.


Mr. Collopy has extensive experience in value creation from intellectual property including guiding portfolio building at Fortune 500 companies as well as designing, negotiating and executing complex corporate transactions in which intellectual property plays a central role, including M&A, joint ventures, and IPOs. He has also drafted more than 500 patents in semiconductor technologies (including memory, microprocessor and sensor technologies and semiconductor processing), communication technologies, electric automobile engine control systems and avionics, artificial intelligence enabled software and devices, and other software/electronics/mechanical/design areas as well as prosecuting hundreds more patent applications to issuance.


Mr. Collopy's corporate IP experience includes more than a decade as an IP attorney with Motorola and several years as Associate General Counsel for Advanced Micro Devices. More recently, Mr. Collopy served as an IP Consultant for the technology commercialization arm of A*STAR, (Agency for Science, Technology and Research), the Singapore government’s lead R&D agency.

講者/ 表演者:
Daniel R Collopy
Spruson & Ferguson Intellectual Property
Office of Knowledge Transfer