Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering - ECE Logo Design Competition


As part of our ongoing effort to engage the community and working professionals in the development of ECE, we are excited to announce this competition. The ECE Department is committed to providing a curriculum and research program that is relevant to the industry and society at large. The winning logo will serve as a bridge between the department and its key industry/academic affiliates, elevating the relevance of our program and research to the wider community. Additionally, the logo maybe used on all official ECE Department communication channels, including our website, social media, and promotional materials. We encourage all participants to think creatively and design a logo that truly captures the spirit of the ECE Department's mission and vision. We look forward to seeing your designs and thank you for your participation!


Design Theme:

  • The logo design should effectively communicate the mission of the department, as outlined in the official departmental mission statement available at
  • It is important that the logo provides a clear visual representation of the department's mission and values to effectively engage and connect with its target audience. The primary target audience for the logo design should comprise industrial leaders and professionals, while still being inclusive of all viewers.
  • The logo should be designed to appeal to the intended audience by incorporating a professional and sophisticated aesthetic that reflects the department's values and mission.



  • All ECE PG and UG students are welcome to join - as a group ( max. 3 pax.) or as an individual

Submission Requirements:

  • Participants may submit more than one entry, with each entry submitted separately through the system.
  • Each entry must include a brief description, consisting of no more than 300 words, that illustrates the design concept, logo components, and signature elements (if any).
  • The logo should be designed in two versions, one for a light background (e.g. white) and one for a dark background (e.g. black). The color scheme may differ between the two versions, but both should convey a relevant visual perception.

 Submission Formats:

  • All entries must be presented in A4 (210mm x 297mm) document size, in vector PDF format.
  • Both color and black/white versions must be included on the same page.  Images in both SVG(.svg) and JPEG format (jpg) in RGB color mode (please indicate the Red-Green-Blue (RGB) colors mixtures of three underlying components (or channels), namely: red, green, and blue) should be submitted.