Volunteer Recruitment: 
Community Wellness Advocate Program for Ethnic Minority Seniors


We are excited to unveil the "Community Wellness Advocate" program, officially titled “Supporting Ethnic Minority Elderly with Mental Health Needs”, crafted to boost the mental health of ethnic minority seniors from Indian, Pakistani, and Nepali backgrounds. This initiative invites empathetic individuals to make a lasting impact within our community, offering a valuable opportunity to gain experience in mental health support and social work.

Seize this opportunity to instigate change and foster growth while enhancing the well-being of our community's seniors. Join us in making a difference!


Tentative Programme Dates

Tentative Training Period: 14/28 October 2023
Please note that there will be two essential training sessions, half-day afternoon training, scheduled on Saturdays within the October to November 2023 timeframe. These sessions are compulsory for all recruited advocates.

Volunteer Period: December 2023 - December 2024
Minimum of three in-person sessions, each lasting for about 3 hours, during this period.


  • Applicants must be aged 18 or above and eligible to work in Hong Kong
  • Experience or interest in community service
  • Compassionate and empathetic approach to working with others
  • Eagerness to learn and contribute to a team and the community 
  • Commitment to meet and interact with ethnic minority senior for at least three in-person sessions during the service period

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Program Benefits

  • Enhanced Skills in Mental Health Support and Social Service
    Acquire vital capabilities in empathetic listening, facilitation, and cultural sensitivity, paving the way for a career in social work or mental health support.
  • Impactful Companionship with Ethnic Minority Seniors
    Forge meaningful connections with ethnic minority seniors, providing them with emotional support and companionship, and learning from their rich life experiences.
  • Contribution to Community Support Program
    Play an instrumental role in improving the mental health and overall well-being of ethnic minority seniors in our community.

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  • Certificate of Completion
    Upon successful completion of the program, earn a certificate from the Mental Health Project Team, Division of Public Policy, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology that attests to your commitment and contribution to the community.

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Remuneration and Transportation Allowance

Receive remuneration for each meeting you have with your senior buddy and for each training session you attend. A transportation allowance is also provided for these activities. We also provide transportation to all service activities, removing potential travel barriers.

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Please email us at emmh@ust.hk and use the subject line “Community Wellness Advocate Application”.

Division of Public Policy

Tel: 3469 2871 (Office Hour: 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM

WhatsApp: +852 6064 3994


Website: http://emmh.hkust.edu.hk