[WORKSHOP] Pathways to a Sustainable Smart Campus: New Funding and Collaboration Opportunities 

10:30am - 12:30pm
Rm 6581 (Lift 27-28)

This interactive workshop will bring together faculty and staff members of different disciplines to focus on some of the trickiest sustainability problems on our campus, and then collaborate on developing new ideas that can be turned into fundable projects. With a cross-disciplinary approach, this brainstorming workshop will also highlight the range of funding and grant opportunities that are available for these campus improvement projects, particularly those from the Sustainable Smart Campus as a Living Lab (SSC) Initiative, Entrepreneurship Center, and Technology Transfer Center. The workshop aims at assisting those with the desire to make a real difference on campus, use their bright ideas to lead HKUST to a smarter and more sustainable future.

Event Format
Recommended For
Faculty and staff
GREAT Smart Cities Institute on behalf of Sustainable Smart Campus as a Living Lab
Entrepreneurship Center
Technology Transfer Center
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