Unicorn Day 2024 - HKUST Innovation and Enterprise UNLIMITED

9:30am - 5:30pm
HKUST Shaw Auditorium

UST Unicorn Day, the annual flagship event of HKUST is back! Last year, we showcased up to 90 startup projects and hosted seven concurrent pitching sessions, attracting nearly 1,000 participants. This impactful platform not only highlights HKUST's pioneering technological advancements but also empowers entrepreneurs from Hong Kong to global. 

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Event highlights:
- 📣Insightful conversations with entrepreneurs and investors exploring opportunities from Hong Kong to global markets
- 💡Explore 100 technology showcases and demos of HKUST's groundbreaking research and startup solutions
- 🧬Engage in up to 70 deeptech projects and startups pitching sessions
- 🤝🏻Connect with innovators, investors, enterprises, and academics for collaborative opportunities

Speakers / Performers:
Professor Nancy IP
President, HKUST
Speakers / Performers:
Professor Lionel Ming-Shuan NI
Founding President, HKUST (GZ)
Speakers / Performers:
Professor Tim CHENG
Vice-President for Research and Development, HKUST
Speakers / Performers:
Mr. Felix Zhang
Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Pudu Robotics
Speakers / Performers:
Ms. Jess CHENG
Chief Executive Officer, ChargeSpot
Speakers / Performers:
Professor Ir. Andrew YOUNG
Associate Director (Innovation), Sino Group; Adjunct Professor, Division of Integrative Systems and Design, HKUST
Speakers / Performers:
Mr. Tat LEE
Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director, WeLab Bank
Speakers / Performers:
Dr. Eddy WU
Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Arctic Vision
Speakers / Performers:
Professor Wenbo WANG
Associate Professor, Department of Marketing, HKUST
Speakers / Performers:
Mr. Chris CHAN
Director and Co-Founder of ZB Capital
Speakers / Performers:
Ms. Scarlett Sijia CHEN
Managing Partner, Verge Health Tech Fund
Speakers / Performers:
Mr. Chibo TANG
Partner, Gobi Partners
Speakers / Performers:
Mr. Peter WU
Partner, Sinovation Ventures (创新工场)
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General public
HKUST Family
PG students
UG students
Office of Knowledge Transfer

Ms. Renee Lo, reneesylo@ust.hk; 3469-3217 or Ms. Tiffany Lau, lautiffany@ust.hk, 2358-6948

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