Smart showerheads in UG Hall V now!

12:00pm - 01:00pm
Shared Bathrooms, 2 - 4/F, UG Hall V

18 smart water-saving showerheads are now installed in UG Hall V bathrooms! These showerheads will give residents real-time signal – through a LED color code – on how much water they use in the shower. This could reduce the cost of water consumption in hall, but still provide an enjoyable showering experience!


How does it work?

The showerhead will change colors as you take your shower! The water current causes a small turbine inside the showerhead to rotate, creating different colors you see there.


Green colour- Enjoy your shower time (0 -10 litres)

Blue colour- Enough water used (10 – 20 litres)

Pink colour – It’s time to stop (20 – 30 litres)

Red colour – Alarming! (more than 30 litres)

Let’s challenge yourself on your warm water consumption and achieve significant water and heating energy savings.

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Student Housing and Residential Life
UG Hall V
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