SENG Internship Experience Sharing Competition - Spring 2022-23

12:00pm - 12:00am

Wondering what to do during the Winter break?


SENG Internship Experience Sharing Competition will be back in Spring 2023.  ALL UG students in SENG (DDP included) can join this competition featuring My Internship Story!

To promote internship-taking to your peers in SENG and to enable prospective students to understand the job prospect of engineering students, we are organizing this competition to collect your videos, photos and quotes from those of you who have taken up an internship during your time at HKUST. 


  • Entry Period: 03 Feb 2023 (Mon) – 01 Mar 2023 (Wed)
  • Eligibility: All UG SENG* students (including DDP)
  • Awards & Prizes:

10 Best Photo & Quote Awards

HK$2,500 each

10 Best Video Awards

HK$2,500 each

5 Best Sharing Awards

HK$5,000 each

Prizes for Qualified Submission

(i.e., 1 photo & 1 quote OR 1 video)

HK$500 for each qualified submission

  • Submission:

Participants should submit their entry on the submission link on or before 01 Mar 2023 (Wed).  Late submission will not be considered.

  • To compete for the Best Photo & Quote Awards, participations should submit at least 1 photo with 1 quote (in English)
  • To compete for the Best Video Awards, participants should submit at least 1 video with English subtitle
  • To compete for the Best Sharing Awards, the video(s) or photo(s) & 1 quote participants submit should include elements to promote internship-taking to your peers
  • To compete for prizes for qualified submission, the entries should submit at least 1 photo with 1 quote or 1 video. If you submit at least one video AND at least one photo & one quote, you will get HK$500 x 2 = HK$1,000 in total.
  • You can submit as many photos & quotes/ videos as you like but at least 1 photo & 1 quote / 1 video.


  • Requirements:
    • All participants must ensure that their entries meet the competition’s guidelines as stated in this section.
    • Each submission (i.e., 1 photo & 1 quote OR 1 video) MUST include the following 3 elements:

A) You at work


Show a visual representation (photos/video) of what your internship was like.

Photos that may be a candid shot or a portrait, in an office 

  • You standing in front of the company’s logo (in uniform/professional attire) looking smart (this is a classic one particularly useful for promotion targeted at prospective students and outsiders)
  • You at work e.g., working with systems/machinery, at your desk or giving a presentation etc.

B) You having fun


Show a visual representation (photos/video) of you enjoying yourself during internship.

  • Happy moments during company’s welcoming /ice-breaking sessions/ team lunch/ gatherings / after-work activities etc.

(Anything is welcome as long as it is not embarrassing, remember they will be shown to outsiders!)

C) Message to your peers promoting Internship-taking


To complete for the Best Sharing Awards, your submission should include this element

  • Why do you think a university student should take up an Internship? 
  • What motivated you to do an internship in the first place?
  • How do you feel about this internship experience?
  • How have you benefited from the internship experience?
  • What knowledge and skill have you acquired during your internship?
  • What impact did this internship experience have on your personal development?
  • How did this internship experience affect your future career plan?)
  • Format:  
        • Photo must in JPEG or JPG format and at least 1MB in size/ 300 dpi in resolution (the higher the better)
        • Video must be in MP4 format and within 3-5 minutes
        • Genre of video could be short film, slideshow or vlog
        • A photo/ video’s title must be provided
        • Please save your entries in the following format:
          • Title_Student ID(Nickname)
  • Internship Period: No restrictions
  • Entries submitted to SENG Internship Experience Sharing Competition 2022 will not be accepted and considered for this competition
  • If colleagues/other people are present in your photo or video, you need not blur their faces but please ensure that you have got their permission before submitting to the contest



  • In case of disputes, SENG reserves at all times the absolute right of final decision, including determining whether an entry has met the various requirements and criteria set out and terminating details of the requirement and its terms and conditions without prior notice.
  • *All SENG students refer to students with their 1st major offered by SENG.
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