Photo Exhibition: Natural Treasures of the Visegrad Group – Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland

G/F Foyer, Shaw Auditorium

“Nature photography is a wonderful experience. To capture the most beautiful moments of nature, photographers need to know all the characteristics of the animals, plants, or landscapes, their behavior, and the changes in light conditions. They need to become almost one with the environment, because only then can they take good pictures without disturbing nature.”


To show the natural beauty of the four countries of the Visegrad Group (Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland) in 60 pictures is an almost impossible task. But now, at the request of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the best nature photographers from 4 countries have taken the challenge. 


The Ministry asked the Hungarian naturArt, the Association of Hungarian Nature Photographers, to organize and coordinate the project. The largest nature photographers' associations in the Visegrad countries were involved in the selection and provision of the images. All are welcome to join this photo exhibition and experience the wonderful sensations captured by the photographers!

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