Philosophy of Science and Epistemology

9:30am - 6:30pm
Academic Building

There has been an engulfing gap between philosophy of science and epistemology. It is not unusual for an epistemologist to get lost in a philosophy of science conference. Nor is it surprising for a philosopher of science to get bored, or even confused, with a discussion full of Gettierian examples. That being said, this is very unfortunate. A good philosophy of science will ultimately contribute to answering general epistemological questions, while a good epistemology will shed light on how science is and should be practised. Philosophy of science and epistemology should have been much closer to each other than actually are. This conference aims to explore fruitful ways of integrating philosophy of science and epistemology by promoting dialogues between philosophers of science and epistemologists.

Speakers / Performers:
Kenneth Aizawa
Professor of Philosophy, Rutgers University, USA
Speakers / Performers:
Alexander Bird
Bertrand Russell Professor of Philosophy, University of Cambridge, UK
Speakers / Performers:
Jon Williamson
Professor of Reasoning, Inference and Scientific Method, University of Kent, UK
Speakers / Performers:
Timothy Williamson
Wykeham Professor of Logic, University of Oxford, UK
Speakers / Performers:
Sharon Crasnow
Norco College, USA
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