Metrology Symposium 2022: Metrology and Everyday Life

2:30pm - 5:15pm

Metrology is the science of measurement, embracing both experimental and theoretical determinations at any level of uncertainty in any field of science and technology. In our daily life, we will inevitably encounter applications related to metrology. For example, when running, we use a stopwatch to record timing; when sending mail, we use a pound and a ruler to measure the weight and size of the package respectively. Metrology also applies to chemical measurements, such as food inspection and environmental analysis, to protect our lives. Precise measurement can provide a solid foundation for the development of science and technology, thereby improving people's quality of life. In this seminar, we will share some applications of metrology that are closely related to our everyday life, and introduce the scientific principles behind them. The seminar will also introduce the latest developments in this year's World Metrology Day theme, "Metrology in the Digital Era".


Rundown, Presentation Topics and Speakers:


14:30 Welcoming Address 

    Prof. Reggie KWAN, Provost, Hong Kong Metropolitan University

14:35 Opening Remarks

    Mr. Arthur AU, Deputy Commissioner for Innovation and Technology

14:40 Group Photo

14:45 What Makes Our Phones So Smart in Motion Detection?

    Mr. Andrew AU, Electronics Engineer, Standards and Calibration Laboratory

15:05 Chemical Metrology and Our Daily Life

    Dr. Boris WONG, Chemist, Government Laboratory

15:25 A Vanishing Second

    Dr. Alvis AU-YEUNG, Electronics Engineer, Standards and Calibration Laboratory

15:45 Break and Video Session

16:05 Length Measurement in Our Daily Life

    Mr. George TANG, Electrical and Mechanical Engineer, Standards and Calibration Laboratory

16:25 Measuring Microplastics in Hong Kong Environmental Water Samples

    Dr. Eric SZE, Associate Professor, Hong Kong Metropolitan University

16:45 Metrological Information Infrastructure in Digital Era

    Mr. Cliff WONG, Electronics Engineer, Standards and Calibration Laboratory

17:05 Q&A

17:15 End of Symposium

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