Interdisciplinary Program Office (IPO) Sustainability Seminar Series Spring 2023

- Environmental Implication of Sharing Economy Based on Life Cycle Thinking
10:30am - 12:00pm
Online via Zoom

Nowadays, products are increasingly available for function-oriented business models, such as renting, leasing, and sharing. These models have a potential to drive sustainable consumption through meeting consumer needs with fewer artifacts; however, past studies presented mixed results depending on what – the type of product – is being accessed under which business model. In this presentation, I will introduce my research activities around this topic, including typology development of consumption-production patterns, consumer acceptance analysis through laundromats in Tokyo and Bangkok, and a mixed-method study on fashion rental platforms. Based on my research output, I will also attempt to discuss policy implications for sustainable consumption and production.

Speakers / Performers:
Dr Eri Amasawa
Department of Chemical System Engineering, The University of Tokyo

Eri is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemical System Engineering at The University of Tokyo. Her academic training is in materials engineering. She began pursuing her research interest in interdisciplinary field from her PhD, where she completed her PhD in Sustainability Science at The University of Tokyo. Eri is an expert of life cycle assessment and has a strong interest in understanding changes in consumer behaviour and their environmental implication. Her recent research activity theme around the environmental implication of sharing economy, environmental impact assessment of emerging materials and technologies, and designing a sustainable system for fashion industries.

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