Global Service Day - Stitch Together: Street Cleaners Visit 適「縫」其會清潔工探訪

09:00am - 11:45am
Cheung Sha Wan

Have you ever taken the time to understand the needs of the people who keep our city clean amidst your busy life? Don't miss the chance to learn more about the working conditions of street cleaners.

A group of students from "Stitch Together," a collaborative project between HKUST Connect and INNOTIER dedicated to repurposing and upcycling used antimicrobial fabrics (Ionic+™ fibers), have designed and made oversleeves for the street cleaners.

Partnering with CityLab, HKUST Connect is now recruiting volunteers to visit street cleaners in the Chang Sha Wan district. Volunteers will reach out to the service users with gifts to show their love and care.


一群來自Stitch Together Program的學生考慮到清潔工人每天接觸到帶有細菌或病毒的垃圾,決定使用INNOTIER所提供的抗菌剩餘布料製作手袖,並與CityLab合作,在長沙灣區的清潔工人中分發這些具有抗菌功能的手袖。期望通過探訪和贈送手袖,表達對清潔工人辛勤勞動的感謝。

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  1. [HMAW1905] This is a recognized event in the "Self-directed Experience" component of HMAW1905: Behavioral Foundations of University Education: Habits, Mindsets, and Wellness. To receive 2.75 hours, you must attend the event in full and miss no more than 10 mins.
  2. Upon completion of the service, the actual service hours will be subjected to the confirmation of the partner association.
  3. Volunteers need to be fluent in Cantonese.
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