“Getting in Touch with the Elephant in the Room” Exhibition 「摸摸房間裡的大象」展覽

10:30am - 05:00pm
Area outside LT-A, Academic Concourse

The expression "elephant in the room" is a metaphorical idiom for an important issue that is obvious, but no one wants to discuss because it feels uncomfortable. Everyone's home may also have an elephant in the room, filled with different emotions and needs. However, our family members, for various reasons, may ignore the elephant and live as usual, missing the opportunity to understand the needs behind emotions. 


This exhibition hopes to invite everyone to turn the lights on, sit down and touch the elephant in the room, break down prejudices, re-establish connections, and regain the strength to empower family harmony for mental wellness.


We would like to express our sincere gratitude to a group of students who generously shared their personal stories to help raise awareness and co-create a compassionate community. 








*Acknowledgement: This exhibition is part of Counseling and Wellness Center "Empowering Family Harmony for Mental Wellness during COVID-19 Pandemic "Project, funded by Phase 2 of the Mental Health Initiatives Funding Scheme (Project Reference Number: MHI2_0005).

鳴謝:此展覽由精神健康諮詢委員會統籌的第二期精神健康項目澬助計劃澬助,為科大學生輔導中心"Empowering Family Harmony for Mental Wellness during COVID-19 Pandemic" 項目的一部分。


 More Details: https://sites.google.com/view/elephant-in-the-room-2024/home

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UG students
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Faculty and staff
HKUST Family
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