Finding Your Way When You Are Feeling Lost 當我迷失時可以怎麼辦

11:00am - 12:30pm


19 Feb 2024 (Mon)


11:00 am - 12:30 pm 


As young adults, university students are at a critical point in their lives where they are discovering who they are and what they want to achieve. Defining life goals and values can help provide direction and purpose, and lead to a sense of fulfillment. 

In this talk, you would: 

  • Learn what life goals and values are, how they are interconnected, and their importance to university students
  • Explore benefits of setting goals and living a life guided by personal values
  • Acquire practical tools to discover values and set meaningful goals that align with personal beliefs and priorities that promotes personal growth and fulfillment and apply these concepts in your own lives
  • Receive guidance to address and overcome obstacles when pursuing your goals




Ms. Tsang Ka Po, Clinical Psychologist

New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association


Here on or before 14 Feb 2024


Tel: 2358 6696 / E-mail:


  • The workshop will be delivered online via Zoom.
  • Successful registrants will receive confirmation email with a link to the online session.
  • This is a HMAW1905-recognized event in the "Personal Enrichment & Community Service" category under the "Self-directed Experience" of HMAW1905: Behavioral Foundations of University Education: Habits, Mindsets, and Wellness.
  • To receive 1.5 hours, you must attend the event in full and miss no more than 10mins.
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UG students
PG students
Counseling & Wellness
Habits, Mindsets, & Wellness Programs
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