ECE Career Talk - Building Your Foundation: Strategies for Success in Your Early Career Positions

6:00pm - 7:00pm
Lecture Theater-F

Transitioning from the university to the professional realm can be an exciting yet daunting experience for fresh graduates. The first few years of your career are critical in setting the foundation for long-term success and growth. Alex, a software engineering bootcamp co-founder with over 1,000 graduates, will share valuable insights and strategies to help you navigate your initial roles after graduation. Drawing from his extensive experience and observations, Alex will debunk common career myths, provide essential dos and don'ts, and highlight key success factors that can make a significant difference in your professional journey. 

Event Format
Speakers / Performers:
Mr. Alex Lau (Programming Instructor)
Tecky Academy
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Faculty and staff
PG students
UG students
Department of Electronic & Computer Engineering
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