Department of Chemistry Seminar - Rational Synthesis of Graphene Molecules with Non-Alternant Topologies

03:00pm - 04:30pm
Room 4475, 4/F, Lift 25/26, Academic Building, HKUST

Speaker: Prof. Junzhi LIU

Institution: Department of Chemistry, State Key Laboratory of Synthetic Chemistry, The University of Hong Kong

Hosted By: Prof. Ding PAN



Incorporation of the non-hexagonal rings into graphene molecules (NGs) can significantly affect their electronic and optoelectronic properties, as well as the chemical reactivities.[1-4] In this abstract, we will introduce the bottom-up organic synthesis of graphene molecules with non-alternant topologies (Figure 1), e.g. seven-five-seven-membered rings (7-5-7) and four continuous heptagons. To gain new insight into the effect on their electronic and optical properties, various experimental measures, including cyclic voltammetry, Raman, steady UV-vis absorption, and theoretical calculations were carried out. Compared with the aromatics with only hexagonal rings, the NGs with non-alternant topologies present distinct anti-aromatic character with narrower HOMO-LUMO energy gaps. In contrast to the successes achieved with varied NGs with non-alternant topologies, we also try to the development of facile and effective methods to synthesize lovely molecules bearing N-doped joined nonhexagons, including pentagon-heptagon pairs and pentagon-octagon pairs. Our work not only provides a new way to the synthesis of novel graphene molecules with non-alternant topologies, but also offers the possibility to tune their electronic and optical properties.

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2. Fei, Y.; Liu, J.* Adv. Sci. 2022, 2201000.
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