Cyber Security 1.0 "Cyber Security for Start-ups"

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Nowadays, technology has grown increasingly pervasive. There are many high-value targets in the industry that it is not uncommon to see companies lose tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars because they did not have adequate protection in place.

Cyber security is important for startups. However, proper safeguards can protect startups from the ever-growing threat of cyber attacks. 

As a startup founder who may not have the same resources as larger companies, however, does not mean you are exempt from cyber threats. Therefore, a workshop on "Cyber Security for Start-ups." was organized by EC on 30th Aug 2022. The speaker, Mr. Mick Cheung of Mircosoft, was invited to share the mentioned topic. 

*After the workshop, you will receive 3 free vouchers for Microsoft Fundamentals Exams on the self-learn platform Microsoft Learn.     

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Event details:

  • Topic: Cyber Security 1.0 "Cyber Secruity for Start-ups"

  • Date: 30th Aug 2022 (Tuesday)

  • Time: 6:00pm - 7:15pm 

  • Venue: Virtual via Zoom


  • What is cybersecurity? 

  • Importance of cybersecurity of start-up

  • Steps by steps for start-up

  • Common cybersecurity threats to your start-up

  • Ways to prevent attack

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Enrollment deadline: 29th Aug 2022, 17:00

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Speakers / Performers:
Mr. Mick Cheung
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PG students
UG students
Entrepreneurship Center

Enroll NOW!! Learn with Mircosoft!

Enrollment deadline: 29th Aug 2022, 17:00

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