Creating with Prompt: The Possibilities of Generative AI Art in Design

12:45pm - 01:30pm
Multi-function Room, LG4, Library

This sharing session will give an overview of AI generative art and its potential in the creative process from a designer's perspective. Our CMZ and design colleagues will share their experience of using popular AI generative art tools such as Midjourney, Leonardo, and Stable Diffusion to create images and designs. We will delve into how to gain insight from creative technology and integrate it into the creative process.


Join us to explore the possibilities of AI generative art and its impact on the future of creativity.


**The workshops will be conducted in Cantonese.  Technical terms and key points will be summarized in English. 分享會將以粵語進行, 部分詞彙輔以英語。

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Recommended For
UG students
PG students
Faculty and staff
Creative Media Zone | MTPC
Media Technology and Publishing Center
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