Cosmopolis Festival - 絃歌不絕—粵粹縱橫 Everlasting Cantonese Music: Treasure from A Century Ago 

7:30pm - 8:45pm
Main Hall, Shaw Auditorium



The Concert "Everlasting Cantonese Music: Treasure from A Century Ago'' by Windpipe Chinese Music Ensemble specially invited leading authority professor Yuen Siu-fai, music maestro Ko Yun-hung to corporate with, and docent by music scholar professor Christopher Pak. The project "Everlasting Cantonese Music" focused on the organizing and reviveing of the publications of Yau Hok-chou like The Essentials For Strings and Vocal Music(1916), who is a major figure of Cantonese Music. In the concert, the ensemble will perform pieces from the publications, linking up three interrelated major Cantonese Music heritages "instrumental music", "Chinese opera" and "narrative singing”, aims to broaden the public's understanding of Cantonese Music and present the treasures of Hong Kong's traditional music culture.


The Windpipe Chinese Music Ensemble is a professional Chinese chamber music group that focuses on the local community. Founded in 2003, it has a mission of developing the culture of Chinese music in Hong Kong and introducing audiences to the unique charm of Chinese ensemble music, known for being “small-scale but elegant, and simple yet refined”. The ensemble’s repertoire showcases the indigenous instruments of the region; and its performing format follows the sizhu (“silk and bamboo”, or “strings and winds”) tradition. The musicians are versatile and flexible in their interpretation of musical works, both traditional and modern.


The concert at HKUST will cover three major Guangdong musical folk art forms, namely traditional Chinese instrumental music, Cantonese operatic music, and narrative singing style of nanyin. With the guidance of Prof. Christopher Pak and the participation of renowned performer Yuen Siu-fai as well as musicians Ko Yun-hung and Jason Chan, the concert will be a showcase of the rich heritage of Guangdong music as a hybrid of Chinese and Western culture.



  • 雁落平沙 Wild Geese on the Sandbank

  • 小桃紅 The Little Red Peach

  • 小調聯奏 A Medley of Folk Tunes

  • 客途秋恨(上卷) A Wanderer's Autumn Grief (Part I)

  • 昭君怨 The Lament of Lady Zhaojun

  • 連環扣 United We Go

  • 柳搖金(選段) The Swaying Willow’ s Golden Sounds (Excerpt)

  • 娛樂昇平 In Celebration of Good Times

  • 思賢調 Thinking of the Sages






Vocal: Yuen Siu-fai

Ensemble Leader: Ko Tit-kwan, Ko Yun-hung

Docent: Christopher Pak

Performer: Windpipe Chinese Music Ensemble

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Speakers / Performers:
竹韻小集 Windpipe Chinese Music Ensemble 
Shaw Auditorium Unit
Center for the Arts
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