CHEM Seminar - Insight into the Role of PC71BM on Enhancing the Photovoltaic Performance of Ternary Organic Solar Cells
11:00am - 11:30am
Room 4504, 4/F (Lifts 25/26), Academic Building, HKUST

Speaker: Professor Zhiyuan XIE

Institution: Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Hosted by: Professor Henry He YAN



The development of non-fullerene acceptor molecules have remarkably boosted power conversion efficiency (PCE) of polymer solar cells (PSCs) due to the improved spectral coverage and reduced energy loss. An introduction of fullerene molecules into the non-fullerene acceptor-based blend may further improve the photovoltaic performance of the resultant ternary PSCs. However, the underlying mechanism is still debatable. Herein, the ternary PSCs based on PBDB-T:ITIC:PC71BM blend were fabricated and its PCE was increased to 10.2% compared to 9.2% for the binary PBDB-T:ITIC devices and 8.1% for the PBDB-T:PC71BM PSCs. Systematic investigation was carried out to disclose the effect of PC71BM on the blend morphology and charge transport behavior. It is found that the PC71BM tends to intermix with the PBDB-T donor compared to the ITIC counterpart. A small amount of PC71BM in the ternary blend is helpful for ITIC to aggregate and form efficient electron-transport pathways. Accordingly, the electron mobility is increased and the density of electron traps is decreased in the ternary blend in comparison with the PBDB-T:ITIC blend. Finally, the suppressed bimolecular recombination and enhanced charge collection lead to high PCE for the ternary solar cells.


About the speaker

Professor XIE has nearly 20 years of experience in the research on organic/polymeric optoelectronic materials and devices including organic/polymer light-emitting diodes and polymer solar cells. Research interests include manipulation of the active layer morphology and its correlation to the optoelectronic conversion process, interfacial physics at the organic semiconductors/electrodes, device design and fabrication. Prof. XIE has authored more than 180 scientific papers and 18 patents in the field of organic optoelectronic materials and devices. The published papers have been cited over 6000 times.

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