Call for Proposals - Frontier Tech R&D Projects - HKUST-Bright Dream Robotics Joint Research Institute (HBJRI)


HKUST-Bright Dream Robotics Joint Research Institute (HBJRI) cordially invites HKUST faculty to express interest in the themes and topics released by the Guangdong Bright Dream Robotics Co. Ltd. (BDR), and submit project proposals.


This batch of call for proposals has the following Frontier exploration areas:


Frontier exploration:

Faculty may propose frontier research topic(s) that fall under any of the following themes:

1.    基于DLP相机点云拼接技术
       Point cloud stitching technology based on DLP camera

2.    基于4G和蓝牙/ WiFi 的精确定位方法
       Precise positioning method based on 4G and Bluetooth / WiFi

3.    增强虚拟人物实时在线投影技术
       Enhanced real-time online projection technology for virtual characters

4.    机械臂振动抑制
       Vibration suppression of robotic arm

5.    人机交互场景下小样本自然语言生成技术
       Small sample natural language generation technology in human-computer interaction scenarios

6.    基于视觉的实时三维重建技术
       Vision-based real-time 3D reconstruction technology


Remarks: English versions of the topics are for reference only. In case of discrepancies, the Simplified Chinese version shall prevail.


Brief introduction is required by telling us:

1.    Background and Problems.

2.    Research Content.

3.    Project Deliverable.

Please limit by 300-400 words for each of the above elements.


Project Duration

1-2 years (including R&D and acceptance testing by user; depending on project requirements)



HK$1 million per project (depending on project nature and duration)


Application Procedure

- Faulty express their interest by here and email the proposal introduction to of OKT.

- HBJRI will facilitate communication between HKUST faculty and BDR R&D teams on the project’s research direction and technical specifications.

- Faculty can then submit a full proposal for panel selection and review after confirming contents with BDR R&D team.


Due Date of Expression of Interest

30 Apr 2021 or until the project is granted



Annie Kong                    +852 2358 8368

Joshua Leung             +852 2358 6164


About Guangdong Bright Dream Robotics Co. Ltd. (BDR)

Founded by Mr Yeung Kwok-Keung in 1992, Country Garden is a listed company in Hong Kong which has grown to become one of the Fortune Global 500s - an authoritative global company ranking.  Expanding its business to innovation and technology, Mr Yeung established BDR in July 2018.  BDR focuses on developing core robotics technologies and intelligent manufacturing through research and development on the autonomous systems, Internet of Things, AI, cloud computing, and big data platform, for ready deploying into various areas, such as construction, restaurant, smart community/living, smart agriculture, etc.


About HKUST-Bright Dream Robotics Joint Research Institute (HBJRI)

HBJRI has been established as a unique platform to strengthen the collaboration between University and Industry in research innovation and talent development, with focus on mutually interested areas including construction, robotics, artificial intelligence, big data, smart cities and smart living, thus supporting the transition of Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area into a knowledge-based economy through the development and commercialisation in innovation and technology. 

For more information about HBJRI, please email

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