Call for Proposals - Construction Industry Council Research and Technology Development Fund (CIC R&D Fund)


The CIC is striving to encourage practical and application of innovative technologies, materials and practices for enhancing the productivity, safety and environmental performance of the Hong Kong construction industry.  CIC is now inviting research proposals for three schemes under the CIC R&D Fund:

  1. Explorative Project Scheme (EPS) and Site Trial Scheme (STS);
  2. Collaborative Project Scheme (CPS); and
  3. Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Improvement Project Scheme (KPIS).


Research Areas

  1. Building Information Modelling
  2. Construction Procurement and Project Management
  3. Construction Productivity
  4. Construction Safety
  5. Green Construction

Please refer to the Research Agenda 2021 for details. Preferences will be given to proposals with practical solutions and high potential for wide industry adoption. The CIC looks for research with support from one or more project clients willing to implement trials of the research deliverables in their upcoming construction projects.


EPS and STS: Applicants must be research institutes established or registered under the laws of the Hong Kong SAR (including all UGC-funded institutions). Under the STS, the applicant must be the research institute undertaking the project funded under the EPS, and the project should be close to substantial completion with useful findings prior to application.


CPS: The Lead Applicant must be a research institute, while the Co-applicant must be a construction-related industry organisation.


KPIS: The Applicant must be a research institute or a construction-related industry organisation registered under the laws of the Hong Kong SAR.


Funding Limit
No specific funding limit for EPS, CPS & KPIS while that for STS is capped at 50% of the actual cost of the project funded under the EPS.



  1. Under the CPS, the Co-applicant will be responsible for funding not less than 25% of the project cost.
  2. For the KPIS, the CIC will contribute up to 70% of the project cost.


Project Duration
Not specified


Application Procedures

  1. Interested applicants please read the Research Policy carefully when completing the Application form.
  2. Please click to download the respective application form: EPS/ STS/ CPS/ KPIS. Kindly send the completed application form, a research proposal of no more than five A4-sized pages (Times Roman, font 12 or larger) and other required documents to RO. Please refer to Section 3.2 of the Research Policy for the documents required.


16 April 2021


Mickey Pat (Email:, Tel: 3469 2822)


Thank you for your attention.

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