Call for Proposals - CAS-Croucher Funding Scheme for Joint Laboratories


The Croucher Foundation is now inviting applications for the CAS-Croucher Funding Scheme for Joint Laboratories to encourage researchers in Hong Kong universities and CAS research institutes to work together on highly specific scientific topics with the intention, in the longer term, to establish a Joint Laboratory through first-hand experiences working together on a joint project.



  • Full-time academic staff of a university in Hong Kong and full-time researchers within a CAS institute are eligible to apply.
  • Scientists that hold existing grants under the CAS-Croucher scheme are ineligible to apply.


Project Period

3 years


Funding Limit 

The funding limit is up to around HK$3.75 million.  Both parties (HKUST & CAS institute) are required to contribute matching fund equivalent to 20% of the amount of the grant earmarked for their side of the proposed collaboration. (i.e. including HK$3M (80%) from the Foundation and HK$0.75M (20%) from both institutions).


Institutional Quota

3 for each university


Application Procedures

There are two stages for applications – Stage 1: Preliminary Applications; and Stage 2: The Full Grant Proposal.

Interested parties are now required to submit the following documents to the Research Office (RO) by internal deadline for Stage 1 application:

  1. A Project Summary including the topic and scientific information rationalizing the merits of the project (limited to 2 pages in English on A4 paper);
  2. An Expression of Interest paper explaining the background to the proposed collaboration and the factors likely to lead to the establishment of a Joint Laboratory in future (limited to 2 pages in English on A4 paper).

For details, please refer to the information on the scheme here.


Internal review will be arranged if the number of applications received exceeds the institutional quota. Applicants or  shortlisted applicants, if applicable,  will be invited to submit preliminary application via the online system of Croucher Foundation.  At Stage 2, the Foundation will formally invite Principal Investigators of shortlisted projects to submit full grant proposals.


Internal Deadline

25 November 2021

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