Call For Proposals: Autonomous Driving and Mobile Robotics Applications


We are pleased to announce a new call for proposal on Autonomous Driving and mobile robotics applications. We target projects that demonstrate advancement in basic understanding and technological innovation, aiming for patentable outcomes, commercialization, or startup establishment.


Info Session:                      2:30pm - 3:30pm, 13 Nov 2020 (For more details, click here)

Room 3616 or ZOOM (Zoom Link will be sent to successful registrants)


Submission Deadline:      1 Dec 2020

Project Vetting:                 Dec 2020

Project start date:            Jan 2021 (tentative)

Eligibility:                          Full-time faculty members


Autonomous Driving & Mobile Robotics Applications

  • Project Fund: Up to HK$0.5M net per project
  • Total Project Fund:  HK$2.5M
  • Project duration: 1 year
  • Technology Focus: 

    • Hardware, software, algorithms, and systems[i] for data/information generation, transmission, analytics, and applications, focusing on fostering Autonomous Driving and prototyping for mobile robotics applications.
  • Deliverables:

    • UG/PG students trained
    • Proposals with a plan for commercialization via HKJRI platform or build a functional prototype for trial on autonomous driving will be considered favorably
  • Foreground Intellectual Property:
    • Priority to license to Kaisa following the HKJRI Licensing Agreement and to the startup company formed by the inventors following IP policy of the University (Please contact us for details)



  1. Principal Investigators (PIs) are encouraged to propose their topics.
  2. Priority will be given to projects adding educational components (UROP, FYP, USEL projects, etc.)
  3. HKUST Sustainable Smart Campus as a Living Lab (SSC) will support additional funding (up to 100K) for projects that demonstrate (1) the ability to provide a solution that is both smart AND sustainable, (2) can be implemented on the campus in a visible way, and (3) has a strong educational potential to demonstrate new knowledge outside the classroom. 
  4. PIs are required to present the proposal in the vetting meeting. If the project is funded, PI must submit an interim report every 6 months and present the project outcome upon project completion.



Applicants should submit the completed Project Application Form by email to the Office of Knowledge Transfer (


For information and assistance, please contact:

Luna QIU              Email:                   Phone: +852 2358 6948

Annie KONG         Email:              Phone: +852 2358 8368 Mobile: +852 91945003


Thank you for your kind attention and support.


Organizing Units:             

  • Office of Knowledge Transfer
  • HKUST-Kaisa Joint Research Institute
  • Robotics Institute
  • Intelligent Autonomous Driving Center 
  • Technology Transfer Center


Supporting Units:            

  • School of Engineering                                                                                   
  • Smart Sustainability Campus as a Living Lab



  • Project Application Form
  • Notice of Seed Project Management and Intellectual Property Arrangement of HKJRI

Link to the attachments


  • [i] Hardware: novel sensors for vehicular perception or applications using autonomous vehicles
  • Software: HMI systems for AVs; smartphone apps for operation, coordination and inspection tasks using AVs.
  • Algorithms: Object recognition and tracking; cross time-of-day/season navigation; Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) build on fusion of heterogenous sensors; Calibration; Perception; Incremental learning; 3D object detection and tracking; HD maps automatic annotation; Path Planning and Control; collision avoidance; Deep reinforcement learning (DRL); Multiple AGV coordination, or control strategy for mobile/multiple vehicles
  • Systems: prototyping for mobile robotics applications; student competition or activities within the scope of autonomous vehicles
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HKUST-Kaisa Joint Research Institute
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HKUST Robotics Institute
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