Call for Expression of Interest - Batch 2 Main Project Proposal by HKUST-Kaisa Joint Research Institute (HKJRI)

HKUST-Kaisa Joint Research Institute (HKJRI) cordially invites HKUST faculty to express interest to below pre-defined research topics released by Kaisa Group Holdings Ltd. (Kaisa).

汽车材料: 合金、碳纤维、玻璃纤维、工程塑料及其他新型复合材料等

Automotive materials: alloys, carbon fiber, fiberglass, engineering plastics, other new composite materials, etc.

传感器材料: 激光晶体、激光玻璃、光纤、陶瓷等激光材料

Sensor materials: laser materials such as laser crystal, laser glass, optical fiber, ceramics, etc.

新能源材料: 电池材料、储氢材料、抗压力腐蚀裂解材料、压电材料、磁致伸缩材料、导电高分子材料等功能材料

New energy materials: functional materials such as battery materials, hydrogen storage materials, anti-pressure corrosion cracking materials, piezoelectric materials, magnetostrictive materials, conductive polymeric materials, etc.

绿色建材:  新型墙体材料、新型防水密封材料、新型保温隔热材料和新型装饰装修材料

Green building materials: new wall materials, new waterproof sealing materials, new thermal insulation materials and new decoration materials


Remarks: English versions of the topics are for reference only. In case of discrepancies, the Chinese version shall prevail.

Details of research topics (released by Kaisa)

Available upon expression of interest


Project Duration

1-2 years



Up to HK$3.5 million per project


Application Procedure

- Faculty express their interest by contacting HKJRI via Details of the projects will then be released to those who show interest.

- HKJRI will facilitate communication between HKUST faculty and Kaisa on the project’s research direction and technical specifications.

- Faculty can then submit a full proposal for panel selection and review after confirming contents with Kaisa.


Due Date of Expression of Interest

22 Aug 2020 or until the project is granted



Annie Kong (Email:, Tel: +852 2358 8368)

Sandy Lam (Email:, Tel: +852 2358 6931)


About HKUST-Kaisa Joint Research Institute (HKJRI)

The HKUST-Kaisa Joint Research Institute (HKJRI) was established in November 2019 to develop technology and knowledge to be commercialized for practical applications and products via platforms of Kaisa Holdings Limited (Kaisa).

HKJRI focuses on the technological areas of New Materials, IOT (Artificial Intelligence), Big Data, Fintech, and Healthcare Technology. HKJRI will work closely with Kaisa to facilitate the technology transfer process, including the formation of spin-off start-up companies, with strong supports from both TTC/OKT and Kaisa’s incubation hubs mainly in Shenzhen, China.

For more information about HKJRI, please email

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