The 2nd City I&T Grand Challenge Hong Kong


Hong Kong's Got I&T: Innovators Wanted

Calling all innovators! It's time to unleash your innovation and make a real and lasting impact on our communities. The 2nd City I&T Grand Challenge empowers innovative minds like you to drive positive change and elevate Hong Kong through the power of innovation and technology. Join us on this remarkable innovation journey and
let your ideas come true!


Hong Kong offers a unique blend of nature and technological advancements where sustainable living and eco-friendly practices thrive. Country parks and special areas cover about 40% of Hong Kong’s total land area. Residents and visitors have easy access to tranquil reservoirs, breath-taking hiking trails, and campsites. Let's develop intelligent solutions that enhance the operation of country parks and campsites to offer safer and worry-free outdoor experiences for all!

<Scope A>

Operation and Management - Country parks and campsites

- Solutions that utilise smart monitoring and management technology to modernise management of country parks and campsites to improve user safety and satisfaction


<Scope B>

Experiencing Nature - Advanced nature exploration, Enjoying nature for leisure and education

- Solutions that utilise smart technology for advanced mountain and ocean explorers. 
- Solutions that utilise technology to enhance outdoor leisure activities and edutainment for family and tourists.


Hong Kong as a compassionate and inclusive society recognises the significance of fostering holistic well-being for both individuals in need and their caregivers. Through innovation and technology, we can enhance the quality of carer support services, creating a more connected and socially vibrant future. Let's come up with smart solutions that facilitate all-round support for carers, empowering them to effectively navigate the daily challenges!

<Scope A>

1. Organisation Providing Elderly Services

- I&T solutions to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of service provision in these organisations.

2. Organisation Providing Services for Persons with Disabilities

- I&T solutions to help organisations overcome operational difficulties, enhance service quality and management.

<Scope B>

1. Community Support for Carers

- I&T solutions to offer holistic support for carers. 

2. Promoting Community and Family Cohesion

- Innovative ideas to strengthen the family cohesion, build caring and connected community, and enhance peer support

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