HKUST at Global Sustainable Development Congress

Bangkok, Thailand

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology will participate in the upcoming Global Sustainable Development Congress 2024, organized by Times Higher Education (THE) in Bangkok, Thailand from June 10-13, 2024. As a leading research university committed to driving sustainable innovation and solutions, HKUST will be joining thought-provoking sessions during this international event.

The Congress is expected to draw over 3,000 global thought leaders, policymakers, industry executives, and civil society representatives, underscoring the urgency and importance of the sustainability agenda. HKUST's participation underscores its commitment to addressing the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on a global stage. Our faculty will share their cutting-edge projects and insights across a range of sustainability topics throughout the congress.

HKUST will host two high-profile sessions and a panel discussion that highlight the university's multifaceted contributions to addressing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). On June 11, Professor Alexis LAU, Director of the Institute for the Environment, will lead a masterclass on developing effective climate warning systems. Additionally, Professor Yang WANG, Vice-president for Institutional Advancement, will participate in a panel discussion on harnessing digital transformation for sustainability. On June 12, Professor Hong LO, Dean of Engineering and Director of GREAT Smart Cities Institute, will lead a session on smart city innovations.

The GSDC represents a crucial international platform for driving tangible progress on the sustainability agenda. HKUST is honored to contribute its expertise and thought leadership to this global dialogue. Through collaboration and knowledge-sharing, HKUST aims to inspire new ideas, foster cross-sector partnerships, and accelerate concrete actions towards a more sustainable future for all.



Day 2 - June 11, 2024 | 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM | Room 105

From data to action: effective extreme climate warning systems to safeguard communities

This impending session convenes a distinguished gathering of international organizations, academic experts, and community-based groups to collectively examine the development of robust early warning systems targeted at climate and health crises. The dynamic discussions will center around innovative approaches to crafting personalized warnings tailored to the needs of vulnerable populations, as climate change threats continue to evolve. Notably, the session will explore strategic leveraging of the Internet of Things and mobile technologies to enable precise risk detection and dissemination of personalized guidance - all with the aim of prompting decisive action from affected individuals, while diligently avoiding the pitfall of overwhelming the public.


  • Professor Fei CHEN, Co-Chair of the WMO's Urban Prediction Project; Professor, Division of Environment and Sustainability, HKUST
  • Professor Alexis LAU, Head, Division of Environment and Sustainability, HKUST
  • Ms. Eva Yeung, Senior Manager of Community Resilience Service, Hong Kong Red Cross



Day 2 - June 11, 2024 | 4:15 PM - 5:15 PM | Room 103

The digital revolution is now: How will it ensure a sustainable future?

The advent of the sixth industrial revolution presents a complex landscape of both promising opportunities and formidable challenges when it comes to driving sustainable development. As rapidly evolving technologies continue to transform how we work, live, and learn, this session will explore strategies for aligning digital transformation with the sustainable development agenda and mitigating any negative impacts. Key areas of discussion will include harnessing the power of big data, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and other emerging technologies to address pressing sustainability challenges, while also examining the potential risks and unintended consequences of unchecked technological progress. 




Day 3 - June 12, 2024 | 12:30 AM - 2:00 PM | Room 105

Smart innovations for sustainable cities and communities

As environmental concerns escalate the need for resilient and liveable cities intensifies, the convergence of technology and sustainability has become increasingly important. To guide policymakers, researchers and industry leaders in their pursuit of sustainable urban development, this session will elucidate the elements that bring about smart innovations for sustainable cities and communities, focusing on the integration of advanced technologies like AI and the Internet of Things, as well as the application of big-data analytics for addressing urban challenges, promoting resource efficiency, enhancing quality of life, and fostering sustainable development.




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