CAIRE Seminar - ChatGPT: What It Can and Cannot Do?

10:30am - 12:00pm
Lecture Theatre C, Academic Building

Is ChatGPT the latest revolution in AI? Or is it part of an evolution? Is it close to AGI? Or just a more sophisticated chatbot? What can it do and cannot do? What jobs will it replace? How should you use it? 

In this talk, I will present a brief overview of neural conversational systems and large language models (LLMs), and how ChatGPT came about. I will also present the result of a first extensive technical evaluation of ChatGPT using 23 data sets covering 8 different common NLP application tasks. I will discuss ChatGPT in terms of its ability to multitask, to reason, to interact, and how it hallucinates.  I will outline potential general improvements we need to make to make LLM-based NLP systems more reliable and trustworthy.

講者/ 表演者:
Prof. Pascale Fung
Director of the Center for Artificial Intelligence Research, Chair Professor of ECE Department of HKUST

Prof. Pascale Fung has been a researcher in the field of natural language processing and conversational AI since 1988. She is a Chair Professor at the Department of ECE, and the Director of HKUST Centre for AI Research (CAiRE) at HKUST.  She was a Distinguished Consultant for Responsible AI at Facebook/Meta last year. She is a Fellow of the AAAI for her "significant contributions to the field of conversational AI and to the development of ethical AI principles and algorithms", a  Fellow of the ACL for her “significant contributions towards statistical NLP, comparable corpora, and building intelligent systems that can understand and empathize with humans”.  She is also a Fellow of the IEEE and of the ISCA. She is an AI expert for the World Economic Forum. She represents HKUST on Partnership on AI. She is a member of the IEEE Working Group to develop an IEEE standard - Recommended Practice for Organizational Governance of Artificial Intelligence. Her research team has won several best and outstanding paper awards at ACL, ACL and NeurIPS workshops.