Make Your Research Matter: Tips From the Editor-in-Chief

9:10am - 9:50am
Room 2302 (Near LT-F, Lifts 17-18)

Matter ( is a new(ish) materials science journal from Cell Press (our first issue was July ‘19). Matter is the third offering in the physical sciences from Cell Press, after the successful launches of Chem (2016) and Joule (2017), and an expanding physical sciences portfolio. Our goal is to provide a high impact publication in the field on par with Nature Materials. In this talk, the editor-in-chief, Steve Cranford, will outline the aims and scope of Matter, our internal scientific editorial team, describe our assessment process and outline our framing of materials science. We present our novel MAP scale for materials research progress assessment, and provide tips in writing high impact papers and common pitfalls. Come learn about physical sciences at Cell Press and Matter!

讲者/ 表演者:
Dr. Steve Cranford

A graduate from Memorial University (Canada), Stanford University (USA), and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA), Dr. Cranford was faculty at Northeastern University’s College of Engineering prior to accepting a new role as founding editor-in-chief for Matter, launched in 2019 by Cell Press. Dr. Cranford has a keen interest in scientific communication and writing as well as the evolving field of academic publishing. He has over 50 publications in the field of materials sciences in a range of high impact journals, including Nature and Advanced Materials, with expertise in the area of atomistic simulation, computational modeling, and nanomechanics, encompassing a variety of materials systems, from carbyne to copper to concrete.

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