HKUST Fast-track to HKAI LAB Accelerator Program & Online Webinar on 19 Oct
06:00pm - 07:00pm
Online via Zoom

*** The online webinar is co-organized by HKUST Data Science and Technology Program and HKUST Entrepreneurship Center. ***

The HKAI LAB Accelerator Program comes to the 6th cohort that offers a twelve-moth program focused on empowering startups to develop and commercialize their AI inventions and technologies that are developed at the HKAI LAB. To let potential students and teams to have better understanding on the program, an online webinar will be held on 19 Oct 2021 (Tue) (rescheduled due to anticipated bad weather) to share the trend of AI technology and opportunities for you. 


Details of HKUST Fast-track to HKAI LAB Accelerator Program

The Program welcomes HKUST students (individual or team) who are passionate in AI development and have demonstrated technology leadership potential to apply. For those who would like to enjoy fast-track nomination, please complete our EC Fast-track Form after you have submitted your official application (Open on 4 Oct) to HKAI LAB by 12pm, 2 Nov 2021 (Tue).

Click here for HKUST EC Fast-track Form (to be filled AFTER you submit your official application to HKAI LAB)!


Key Dates* of the 6th HKAI LAB Accelerator Program:

  • 2 Nov 2021 (Tue): Deadline of HKUST x HKAI LAB Fast Track Application
  • 5 Nov 2021 (Fri): Official deadline of Accelerator Program Application
  • 22 Nov 2021 (Mon): Interview day for selected fast-track applicants
  • 16 Dec 2021 (Thur): Result announcement to selected applicants

*Tentative schedule is subject to the final arrangement by HKAI LAB


Important Notes: 

  1. Interested students & teams who applied for the Program and attended the Online Webinar will have higher priority in the preliminary round of fast-track selection.  
  2. Selected fast-track applicants are required to attend the Interview arranged by HKAI LAB and go through the selection process. No guarantee on admission of the Accelerator, subject to the overall performance & final decision of HKAI LAB. 
  3. Application will be accepted even if the business legal entity has not yet been registered at the time of submission.  However, if the startups are selected to the Accelerator Program, they must complete the business registration before the program begins.


Join the Online Webinar (19 Oct) to learn more about the HKAI LAB Accelerator Program, and check the application details on HKAI LAB’s Website.


Details of Online Webinar: AI Technology and Career Opportunities

Date: 19 Oct 2021 (Tue) (rescheduled due to anticipated bad weather)

Time: 6:00-7:00pm

Format: Online webinar

Language: English

Registration Deadline: 17 Oct 2021 (Fri) 

Registration Link: Register through EC App / Here 

Remark: successful registrants will receive the zoom link before 18 Oct


Guest Speakers: 

Timothy LeungMr. Timothy Leung (Executive Director of HKAI Lab)Timothy is Executive Director of the HKAI LAB, has accumulated over 20 years of experience in the Information and Internet field. Timothy is strong at business strategic planning and implementation. He had managed direct sales teams and channel partners for technology products and internet services, such a background equipped him with comprehensive experience in sales, marketing, product development and senior management. 

San Wong

Mr. San Wong (Founder of R2C2 Limited)San is a founder of R 2 C 2 Limited, has years of experience in robotics and autonomous vehicle development San envisions a future where outdoor robots perform autonomous tasks to improve productivity and minimize casualties in various high risk industries such as agriculture, construction and surveying. 

San Wong

Mr. Sidhant Gupta (Co-founder & CEO of Open Ocean Engineering Limited)Sidhant is co founder and CEO of Clearbot, aims to leverage technology to solve problems and overcome challenges for humanity Sidhant broke a national record at the age of 16 for building India’s smallest Bipedal robot and recently broke a Guinness world record for the world’s fastest robotic fish He has published 3 research papers regarding AI and robotics, given a TED talk and been a finalist at the Hult prize the world’s largest social entrepreneurship accelerator programme.

Enquiry: (Fast-track) or 3612 9670 (Accelerator Program)