Civil Engineering Departmental Seminar - Evolving Porous Media - Mechanism, Experiments, Application

9:00am - 10:00am
Room 5583 (Lift 27/28) HKUST

Evolving Porous Media - Mechanism, Experiments, Application

Rock and soil mass are recognized as a kind of porous medium. Under the single or combined action of stress, heat, percolation, chemistry and biology, the porous medium of rock and soil mass will undergo qualitative and quantitative changes. This kind of problem is called Evolving Porous Media”〔JournalTransport in porous media2015. This report focuses on the problem and evolving mechanism of the problem of evolving porous media, and some results and scientific law, developed the new experimental equipment to study this kind of problem. The evolution mechanism and law of porous media and the key technical principles of engineering reform are introduced in combination with geothermal development of hot dry rock and gas hydrate mining.

讲者/ 表演者:
Prof. Yangsheng ZHAO
Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor of Taiyuan University of Technology, supervisor of Chinese Society of Rock Mechanics and Engineering, Deputy director of National Oil Shale Mining Research and Development Center

Academician Zhao Yangsheng has long been engaged in scientific and technological research on rock mechanics, porous media transport and new resources energy exploitation such as coalbed methane, oil shale and hot dry rock geothermal, and is a pioneer in the theory and practice of in situ modified mining by fluidization. Has been the first person to win the Chinese National technical invention Award 2, won the national May 1 Labor medal, enjoy the government special experts. Published 6 academic monographs; He has published more than 400 academic papers, won the National Outstanding Youth Fund in 1996, was appointed as the Changjiang Scholar of the Ministry of Education in 1999, and established the Key Laboratory of In Situ Modified Mining of the Ministry of Education in 2010.