Call for Proposals – Croucher Conferences

The Croucher Foundation is now inviting application for the Sponsorship of Conference, Workshops and Symposia. It is kind of institutional grants but not grants for individual. This sponsorship supports conferences and seminars which are of direct benefit to Hong Kong with a meaningful presence of Hong Kong-based scientist, and not just one which happens to be conveniently held in Hong Kong. The topics must explicitly be in the fields of natural science, technology or medicine preferably with a research emphasis.



Applicants should be working full-time in a Hong Kong university and applications submitted through that institution.


Requests for support of conferences which are inter-institutional in character are favored, especially if the event could help promote inter-institutional collaboration on important scientific topics. Such joint requests are acceptable if the application is presented by one individual who is authorized to act on behalf of an inter-institutional organizing committee.


Funding Limit

Up to HK$100,000 per event


Institutional Quota

Each institution can submit no more than 4 applications


Period of Support

Conferences and seminars will be held between October 2022 and September 2023 in Hong Kong.


Application Procedures

There are no application forms. Each application must not exceed two sides of A-4 in length without any attachments. The application should include:

  1. the names of the local organizers and their institutions (a joint event with the promise of inviting peer participants from other universities in Hong Kong will add to the strength of an application);
  2. a scientific description of the conference and its significance to Hong Kong;
  3. the dates of the event;
  4. a general description of the types of participants expected;
  5. an itemized budget; and
  6. other possible sponsors for the same event, if applicable.


Internal screening will be required if the number of applications exceeds the institutional quota.


For details, please refer to Research Office’s website and Croucher Foundation’s website.


Internal Deadline

7 December 2021

Research Office 代表 Croucher Foundation

Celia Lee (Email:, Tel: 3469 2798)