Call for Applications: Chan Dang Foundation Social Entrepreneurship Award

03:00pm - 11:45pm
Details of Award

1. Objective

Administered by the HKUST Entrepreneurship Center (EC), The Chan Dang Foundation Social Entrepreneurship Award (the Award) is one of the key Awards at HKUST that encourages and supports student’s social entrepreneurship development and recognized student projects that enriching communities and making positive impact to society. Through helping the students to turn the business creative ideas into sustainable venture for promoting social good, we are going to create positive values, enhance quality of life and solving societal problems through social entrepreneurship development.  


2. Eligibility and Requirements

2.1 Main applicants must be HKUST full-time current students that are:

(1) core members in the team (e.g. Leader/ Founder/ Co-founder); and

(2) the team should have at least two HKUST members (students, alumni, faculty members).


2.2 Applying projects must be initiated by HKUST students. Priority will be given to projects without other financial support.


3. Tentative Timeline/ Application period

The Award is open all year round with Main Round Exercise usually held at beginning of semester. 

Deadline of Main Round Exercise: 26 Feb 2023


4. Criteria

  • Social Entrepreneurship Potential (20%)
  • Business Sustainability and Development Plan (40%)
  • Social Value and Impact (30%)
  • Team Composition & Strengths (10%)


5. Awarding Amount and Validity: Up to HKD 60,000 per project approved, valid for 12 months

6. Application form: Click here

7. Please read the Guideline of Chan Dang Social Entrepreneurship Award for details

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