Movie Screening and Sharing: To Be Continued 放映與分享《尚未完場》

7:30pm - 9:30pm
Main Hall, Shaw Auditorium

Movie language: Cantonese, English (with Chinese and English subtitles)

放映語言: 粵語、英語(配合中文及英文字幕)

Movie Category: I

電影級別: I

Run Time: 80 mins

片長: 80分鐘


Sharing with co-directors: Dora Choi and Haider Kikabhoy


Post-screening sharing Language: Cantonese

分享會語言: 廣東話




Convenient, tired and vapid, ‘East-meets-West’ is a cliché that has for decades been used to sell the ‘Hong Kong story’ to the world. Yet in the forgotten legend of Harry Odell, Hong Kong’s first impresario, a rediscovery of the city’s soul awaits.


Flamboyant and cigar-chomping, Odell was a Cairo-born, Shanghai-bred Russian Jew who stamped his mark on the cultural life of post-war Hong Kong. His hopeful, if chronically loss-making adventures pushed the cultural frontiers of his adopted home, capturing the open, dynamic and inclusive spirit of a bygone era to leave a legacy that resonates to this day.


What began as a conservation campaign to save the iconic State Theatre in Hong Kong morphed into five years of research and interviews with those who witnessed Odell in action. The result: a film that is as much a study of one indomitable pioneer as it is a soul-searching journey of what defines Hong Kong.




他是皇都戲院前身 - 璇宮戲院的創辦人,五十年代戰後蕭條,他已一手引入多位國際知名音樂家,永遠叼着一口雪茄見報寫專欄,歐德禮的演藝事業虧損慘重,卻為香港文化開闢了新天地,被稱為「香港文化史前人物」。



在那個白天上映黃飛鴻和林黛電影的大戲院,晚上有名家如 Isaac Stern、Fournier坐鎮,華洋雜處,雅俗共賞,只此一家。標誌香港新時代的大會堂開幕,第一場演奏正是由歐德禮承辦。






Director's Bio

  • Dora Choi徐岱靈

Dora has been a news feature and documentary director in mainstream media for more than 10 years, focusing on politics and social affairs. She co-founded cultural enterprise Walk in Hong Kong. 



  • Haider Kikabhoy 祁凱達

A fourth-generation Hongkonger with family roots in Mumbai and Guangdong’s Kaiping, Haider co-founded cultural enterprise Walk in Hong Kong. He was formerly an academic researcher on Hong Kong’s architectural history. “To Be Continued” is his first documentary film.

家族四代均紮根香港, 祖先來自印度孟買和廣東開平。文化企業「活現香港」聯合創辦人,曾參與香港建築歷史的學術研究。這是他首次參與紀錄片製作。


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    Speakers / Performers:
    Dora Choi and Haider Kikabhoy




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