IoT Thrust Seminar - Enabling Ubiquitous Computing in 5G-and-Beyond Wireless Networks

9:30am - 10:30am
Zoom Meeting ID: 961 4542 1401, Passcode : iott

The future wireless networks need to support the emergence of promising Internet-of-everything (IoE) applications, such as extended reality, automatic systems, and tactile Internet. These applications not only impose stringent requirements on the communication performance, but also require abundant computational resources for enabling fast and ubiquitous computing. This thus has motivated the development of new technologies to realize intelligent computing and communication to accommodate IoE applications. In particular, to overcome the limited computing power of edge devices, it is promising to smartly offload their computation-intensive tasks to the edge clouds that are close to the users, leading to the research area of mobile edge computing (MEC). Moreover, intelligent reflecting surface (IRS) can be utilized to smartly reconfigure the radio propagation environment in favor of computation offloading as well as reshape the computation-load distribution over the network to achieve better usage of computational resources. In this talk, we will discuss a set of energy-efficient resource management for achieving ubiquitous computing environment in future wireless networks. Moreover, we will point out several important directions for future research.

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Dr. Changsheng You
National University of Singapore

Changsheng You received his B.Eng. degree in 2014 from University of Science and Technology of China in Electronic Engineering and Information Science, and Ph.D. degree in 2018 from The University of Hong Kong in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. He is currently a Postdoc Research Fellow with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, National University of Singapore. His research interests mainly include mobile-edge computing, intelligent reflecting surface, UAV communications, and edge learning.
Dr. You is now an Associate Editor for IEEE communications letters and lead guest editor of IEEE Transactions on Green Communications and Networking. He received the IEEE Communications Society Asia-Pacific Region Outstanding Paper Award in 2019, and the Exemplary Reviewer of IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, IEEE Transactions on Communications, and IEEE Wireless Communication Letters. He was a recipient of the Best Ph.D. Thesis Award of The University of Hong Kong in 2019.

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