Event Sponsored by IAS - The 3rd International Workshop on Neural Engineering & Rehabilitation

9:00am - 5:00pm
Online via Zoom

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Neural engineering is an emerging interdisciplinary technology that integrates neuroscience into engineering and encompasses experimental, computational, theoretical, clinical and applied aspects of research. The key interests of neural engineering are understanding, interfacing and manipulating the nervous system, which controls our movements. The analysis of the neural activity helps us understand how the information is processed in our brain and transferred to the nervous system to control our body. The interpretation of the neural activity provides the possibility to interface between the nervous system and artificial entities, which can decode the neural signals and modulate neural activity through external stimuli. The modelling of neural activities and interactions of neural circuities between external stimuli and connected neural circuitries provides theoretical principles of constructing artificial neural systems. With the rapidly aging societies across the world, the need for rehabilitation services significantly increases. The advancement of neural engineering technology would benefit the development of efficient, quantitative and automated rehabilitation methods to release the demands for long-term medical treatment and healthcare and reduce the workload of rehabilitation professionals.

This workshop aims to promote interdisciplinary interactions among the fields of neuroscience, information science, computation, and robotics, leading to novel ideas and long-term productive international collaborations research projects in neural engineering and neurorehabilitation. The previous workshops in this series were held successfully in 2019 and 2021. This workshop invites world-leading experts to exchange the latest development in neural interfacing hardware, neural signal processing, algorithm research, and also translational research topics in applying neural technologies in the clinical population.

Organizing Committee:

Cuntai GUAN - Nanyang Technological University (Chair)
Yiwen WANG - HKUST (Co-Chair)
Kedi XU - Zhejiang University (Co-Chair)
Ning JIANG - The University of Waterloo (Member)
Yaoyao HAO - Zhejiang University (Member) 

Keynote Speakers

Dario FARINA - Imperial College London
Jose C. PRINCIPE - University of Florida
Rajesh P. N. RAO - University of Washington
Nitish V. THAKOR - Johns Hopkins University

Event Format
Recommended For
Faculty and staff
PG students
UG students
HKUST Jockey Club Institute for Advanced Study
Department of Electronic & Computer Engineering
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