Earth Day 2023  - Vermicomposting Workshop

12:30pm - 2:00pm
CYT G001 (behind Subway)

 Vermicomposting, or worm composting is a simple technology that takes advantage of this to convert biodegradable waste into organic manure with the help of earthworms. Join us to experience how it works. 

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Faculty and staff
HKUST Family
PG students
UG students
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Workshop Contents

1. Introduction of vermicomposting/mini game with prize

2. Hands-on worm box/bedding materials preparation and feeding 

3. Vermicast harvest

Worms are so effective at processing organic waste that they can digest almost half their own weight in debris every day. Vermicomposting is a simple composting process that takes advantage of what earthworms do naturally, but confines the worms to bins making it easier for farmers to feed them and to harvest their nutrient-rich compost. Since all worms digest organic matter, in principle, any type of worm can be used; however, not all are equally well adapted to living in bins since some worms prefer to live deep in the soil while others are better adapted to living closer to the surface. The red worm (Eisenia foetida) is ideal for vermicomposting because its natural habitat is close to the surface and it is accustomed to a diet rich in organic matter, this makes it ideally suited to digesting kitchen scraps and to living in bins.

Sustainability/Net-Zero Office
Participants will need to pay a refundable deposit of $100, which will be refunded after completion of the workshop

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