Earth Day 2023 - Forest Bathing at HKUST

2:30pm - 4:30pm
Chinese Garden

Join our gentle guided sensory exploration that supports well-being through sensory immersion!

Event Format
Speakers / Performers:
Amanda Yik
Shinrin Yoku Hong Kong

Amanda Yik is the founder of Shinrin Yoku Hong Kong, an award-winning and the most experienced bilingual Certified Forest Therapy Guide based in Hong Kong. She is the first Asia-based Trainer with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs in the US, as well as an ICF Certified Professional Coach for Transformation. Surviving critical illness in 2014 allowed her to experience the deep healing power of living with awareness in the embrace of nature. Since 2017 she has guided and facilitated more than 400 forest bathing and nature connection experiences, lectures and workshops for corporate sector, NGOs and educational 

Recommended For
Faculty and staff
HKUST Family
PG students
UG students
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Forest Bathing is the practice of spending time in nature for the purpose of enhancing health, wellness, and happiness. Through a guided experience at HKUST China Garden (near senior staff quarter), you will be led by a trained guide Amanda through a series of connective invitations that slows you down, awakens your senses, and supports you in building a deep, healing connection with nature. Science has shown that regular forest bathing over a period of time can bring us a range of benefits, such as reduced blood pressure, pulse rates, blood sugar , stress hormones levels, and strengthened immune systems and enhanced mood. Being in nature in a healing way is congenial to opening up fresh insights and expanding our perspectives. The opportunity for quiet reflection supports you in gaining a better understanding of yourself and your relationship with others. 

Target participants: 15 HKUST students, staff or residents who are aged 16 or above


Sustainability/Net-Zero Office
Participants are required to pay a non-refundable fee of $100 before the event. The Sustainability/Net-Zero Office will subsidize the rest of the cost. Successful registrants will receive email about the payment details and meeting location.

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Successful registrants will receive email about the payment details and meeting location.




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