15 Minutes of Fame - Unveiling the Art of German Love Song

1:00pm - 2:00pm
Foyer Exhibition Space, Shaw Auditorium

A pop-up show to allow talented HKUST members to showcase their art skills in the foyer at lunch time.



Jenna Wong

Cherry Tam



"Hat dich die Liebe berührt" by Joseph Marx 

"Widmung" by Robert Schumann 

"O lieb, so lang du lieben kannst" by Franz Liszt 

"Allerseelen" by Richard Strauss


This program takes the listener on a poignant journey through the stages of love, from the first blush of affection to the solemnity of memory.  

"Hat dich die Liebe berührt" by Joseph Marx introduces the theme of love, capturing the exhilarating moment when love first touches the heart, setting the stage for the emotional journey ahead. 

"Widmung" by Robert Schumann celebrates the bond of love in its most joyous form, the union of marriage, where the lovers commit to a shared future with hope and happiness. 

"O lieb', so lang du lieben kannst" by Franz Liszt interjects with a poignant reminder of love's impermanence, urging us to cherish and express love while we have the chance, before we are left with only memories to hold onto. 

"Allerseelen" by Richard Strauss tenderly encapsulates the theme of love's undying memory, urging a reconnection with the lost intimacy of a beloved with the same fervor as in the youthful days of May.



  • No registration is necessary, just come and enjoy the show.
  • The organizer reserves the right in its sole discretion to make changes to the event program without prior notice.
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Speakers / Performers:
Jenna Wong

Wong On Yan, Jenna is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Environmental Science and Management at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). Alongside her academic endeavours, she studies singing under the tutelage of Miss Candice Chung and actively participates in various musical activities at HKUST, including the community musical 'The Music Man' and as a member of The University Choir, HKUSTSU.


Before her studies at HKUST, she graduated from The University of Hong Kong (HKU) with a double major in Business and Music, studying vocal performance with Ms. Chan Siu Kwan. During her studies, Wong has been awarded the Hong Kong Children's Choir Scholarship for her dedication to singing and choral music. As a soprano soloist, she has performed in numerous recitals and public events, including the HKU Chamber Singers Annual Concert 2023, the 56th Summer Concert of the University Choir, CA, HKU, K11 Art Karnival, and many others.


Additionally, Jenna is an active participant in different choral activities. She served as the Choirmaster of The University Choir, CA, HKU, session 2020-202, where she guided the choir through a diverse musical repertoire. Currently, she is also a member of The Learners Chorus and has performed as a guest singer with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Chorus and the Ponte Singers

Speakers / Performers:
Cherry Tam
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