CMA Seminar series - BOOK A NEW UNIVERSE

10:30am - 11:30am
CMA Lab, E-2, 3/F, HKUST(GZ)

The meaning of space in different eras is not exactly the same. Space art has also been iterated with more forms and dimensions in the change of eras. In 2020, Wang You won the Hyundai Blue Prize for the curation of the high-profile exhibition “Dream· Monolith · Revelation” , which has given a new definition to space art. At the same time, the image of a space art festival came into being. In the cognition and imagination of space, what kind of creativity can people unleash? In a changing industry environment, how do art & tech need to connect with public?

By the end of 2023, Looping Space Art Season (LSAS) will break ground at Shenzhen. It will be the first comprehensive tech-art event in China focusing on the theme of space, and it will also be the first new paradigm of art projects that combines art festival and industry fair. LSAS will focus on people's cognition and imagination of space under different circumstances and pay attention to the benign interaction and development within the ecology of tech-art.  The first LSAS, named as the open invitation to “Book a New Universe”, will collaborate with world-class science fiction associations, as well as tech-art and film-related industries, to present continuous interaction, popularization, creation and evolution through audiovisual performances, interactive experiences, digital exhibitions, forums, etc. As the main sections, in order to return space to us.

This seminar begins with the Looping Space Art Season as its starting point,  while calling for a wider range of creativity, hope to discuss related issues with you.

讲者/ 表演者:

Her early installations and video works have won the IDA Digital Art Award Academy Award Finalist (2006) and the Yokohama New Media Art Video Festival Nomination Award (2007). In 2020, she is the winner of the Hyundai Blue Prize China Young Curator Award for her cutting-edge research on space art and her distinctive curatorial achievements. She has been invited as the academic judge of the National Art Fund Project, the workshop instructor of the International Design Education Forum of Tsinghua University, and the academic guest of the Beijing Film Academy International New Media Art Triennial. She has planned and organized many large-scale new media and technology art festivals in China, Academic forum; leaded and participated in the establishment of multiple interdisciplinary laboratories.

As a cosmic nomad born in Inner Mongolia, a creative curator and media researcher from new media art, she uses her curatorial creations to think about many issues, such as the recursion and compensation of subject perception in the sequence of time and space; the companionship of social innovation and public art; the relationship between human individual displacement and information dissemination, and the social & technical problems caused by it. Her studies involve film, contemporary art, technological art, etc.




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