Call for Applications – Hospital Authority Data Collaboration Laboratory (HADCL) Self-service Data Platform

The Hospital Authority has established a big data analytics platform, namely the Hospital Authority Data Collaboration Laboratory (HADCL) for purposes of identifying usable information in order to improve clinical and healthcare policies, facilitate biotechnological research, and help improve clinical and healthcare services. HADCL has launched a Self-service Data Platform to provide high-quality sample data and advanced statistical analytic platform for researchers to draft hypothesis and proposals for health big data research.


The sample data of Self-service Data Platform is made of structured data from around 200,000 patients randomly selected from the patient populations of 2007 and 2017, stratified by age and gender (please click HERE for the sampling methodology). The sample data contains patients’ demographic characteristics, attendance records to hospitals or clinics, clinical diagnosis, procedures, medication and laboratory results and radiology examination results. Researchers can make use of the Statistical Analysis System (SAS) in HADCL to draw inspiration for health big data research from the sample data by themselves.


Target Participants
Academic researchers (including research students) from UGC-funded universities who would like to


  • draft research hypothesis / proposal but do not have experience using HA clinical data
  • make research study by using the sample data provided* (ethics approval is required)


Please refer to the HADCL's website for the prerequisites required.


Access Period
Each applicant can apply for a maximal 5-day access pass to the Platform in each application. A new application will be required for further access requests beyond five days. 


Location for Access to the Platform

  • University’s remote access site (LG1-352, HKUST Library) (Booking must be made via RO in advance); OR
  • HA Data Collaboration Laboratory (7/F, Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre).


Application Procedure and Useful Information

Please refer to the RO's website for details.


Request for Data Catalogue
Please contact the HADCL office at


Research Office 代表 Hospital Authority Data Collaboration Laboratory

Mickey Pat (Email:, Tel: 3469 2822)