Joint Webinar by ECE Dept, SKL of ADT and SID(HK Chapter) - Overview of the various optical architectures of head-mounted displays(HMDs) for smart glasses augmented-reality(AR) and virtual-reality(VR)   
11:00am - 12:00pm
Zoom Webinar ID: 186-905-305

This webinar is a review and analysis of the various optical architectures and display technologies used today for head-mounted displays (HMDs) for smart glasses augmented-reality (AR), virtual-reality (VR).  It will focus on the hardware issues, especially on the optics side. Main specifications that drive the optical design cost functions will be discussed. Existing VR optical architectures the various smart glasses architectures, and the numerous free-space and waveguide combiner architectures for AR/MR headsets will also be reviewed.

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Speakers / Performers:
Dr. Huajun PENG
Shenzhen NED Optics Co., LTD.

Dr. Peng got his PhD from the Center for Display Reach (CDR) of HKUST in 2005. He had been engaged in R&D of silicon-based liquid crystal device, AMOLED materials and devices, TFT devices and display optics during his studying period. In the following 15 years, his career covers various fields of information display, including TV image color management, AMOLED device manufacturing, microdisplay design and manufacture, projection display and near eye display optics, etc. In 2015, Dr. Peng founded Shenzhen NED Optics Co., LTD. , focusing on AR/VR/MR. Dr. Peng holds 21 Chinese patents and 11 US patents.
GOOVIS is the brand of HMD products of NED Optics. As the most advanced entertainment HMD with leading features of high resolution, light-weight, comfortable-wear and dizziness-free, GOOVIS features theater-like giant-screen, displays incredible 2D and 3D video. It is recommended by Professor Ching Tang, the father of OLED, as premier HMD product using OLED technology.

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