ECE and Physics Joint Lecture - Publishing in Nature

3:30pm - 5:00pm
Classroom 6573 (via Lifts 29/30)

The lecture “Publishing in Nature (journals)” will be delivered by Dr. Olga Bubnova, the Chief Editor of Nature Reviews Electrical Engineering, and is intended to cover the essential aspects of scientific writing and publishing in Nature Research and Nature Reviews journals with a strong emphasis on Nature journal standards and best practices. During this lecture, the participants will learn about the Nature family of journals, their hierarchy and editorial criteria. We will touch upon the editorial and peer-review process, publishing policies, cover letters and rebuttals. Finally, the key strategies for writing a Nature review article will be presented and the differences between the publication process in Nature Reviews and Nature Research journals will be discussed.

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Speakers / Performers:
Dr. Olga Bubnova
Chief Editor, Nature Reviews Electrical Engineering

Olga Bubnova received her master's degree in mechanical engineering in 2005 from Samara State Aerospace University in Russia. After graduation, she spent three years working as a system engineer in the electronics and automotive industries. In 2008, she began her studies on organic thermoelectrics at Linköping University in Sweden, where she went on to obtain her PhD. Later she worked at the University of Cambridge as a postdoctoral researcher, focusing on organic photovoltaics. Olga joined Nature Research in October 2015 and worked at Nature Nanotechnology first as Associate then as Senior Editor. She became Chief Editor at Nature Reviews Electrical Engineering in 2023 and is currently based in Tokyo.

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