Call for Proposals – Smart Traffic Fund


The Transport Department has set up a $1 billion Smart Traffic Fund (Fund) to provide funding support for research and application projects on innovation and technology to enhance the convenience, efficiency and safety of the commuting public.


Research Areas

Support vehicle-related I&T research projects with at least one of the following objectives:

  • Enhancing convenience of motorists;
  • Enhancing efficiency of the road network or road space; and 
  • Improving driving safety.

The vehicle-related I&T projects to be funded should be in line with the relevant Government’s policies, including the Smart City Blueprint for Hong Kong or Smart Mobility Roadmap for Hong Kong for promoting smart mobility in Hong Kong.  



The Fund accepts applications from companies, research companies, research institutions, professional bodies, trade associations and non-government organisations. Applicants are categorized into public sectors and corporate sectors.


Funding Contribution for Public Sector

  • Applicant’s contribution: at least 10% of project cost
  • Fund’s contribution: up to 90% of project cost


Funding Limit

  • HK$20 million for Research and Application Project
  • HK$8 million for Pure Research Project.


Project Duration

Normally up to 24 months


Application Procedures

Interested applicants please send completed Application Form together with the required supporting documents as set out in the Guide to Application to RO.



Application can be submitted all year round



Celia Lee (Email:, Tel: 3469 2798)

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Celia Lee (Email:, Tel: 3469 2798)

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