Call for Proposals – Croucher Advanced Study Institutes


The Croucher Foundation is now inviting proposals for the Croucher Advanced Study Institutes (ASI). 



An ASI is a high-level teaching activity where a carefully defined subject, systematically presented, is treated in depth by lecturers of international standing, and new advances in a subject, not taught elsewhere, are reported in tutorial form. ASIs, as short courses, contribute to the dissemination of knowledge and the formation of international scientific contacts. The teaching in ASIs is aimed at established scientists with substantial scientific background in the topic being proposed. This type of event is NOT primarily targeted at postgraduate students and should not be used for that purpose.


ASIs must be a standalone event with a duration of about three working days to give adequate time for the development of a topic and allow for sufficient interaction between the scientists. The time should be mainly devoted to lectures or teaching activities, and not to the rigid format of presentation of papers. Poster sessions should generally take place in the evening.


An ASI is primarily aimed at established “senior” scientists. Lecturers and ASI participants are expected to stay for the entire duration of the ASI to ensure full interaction. The Applicant must confirm to the Croucher Foundation that the lecturers proposed will attend the ASI if a grant is approved. There should be no more than 6 lecturers for each ASI to make the size manageable.


Research Areas

Any scientific discipline and/or technology can be supported, and deal with subjects in which new advances are reported in tutorial form.


An interdisciplinary ASI may be organised where specialists in one field teach scientists highly qualified in another, with roles being interchanged as the theme of common interest is developed from the viewpoints of the different sciences. Interdisciplinary meetings require particular care in preparation.



Established scientists with substantial scientific background in the topic being proposed.


Funding Limit



Institutional Quota

No more than 2 applications for each institution


Project Period

About 3 days


Application Procedure
Interested applicants please submit the form of Expression of Interest (within 2 pages) to the Research Office on or before the internal deadline.


Internal selection will be conducted if the number of interested applicants exceeds the institutional quota. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to submit full proposal via the Croucher Foundation online system in October 2021.


For details, please refer to Research Office’s website and the Notes for Applicants


Internal Deadline
15 October 2021 (Expression of Interest)

Event Format
Recommended For
Faculty and staff
Research Office on behalf of Croucher Foundation

Celia Lee (Email:, Tel: 3469 2798)

Post an event
Campus organizations are invited to add their events to the calendar.