Call for Proposals - Innovation and Technology Commission - 2021 Guangdong-Hong Kong Technology Cooperation Funding Scheme


Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC)

2021 Guangdong-Hong Kong Technology Cooperation Funding Scheme (TCFS)


TCFS aims to enhance collaboration on R&D among universities, research institutes and technology enterprises in Hong Kong and Guangdong / Shenzhen and to strengthen technology development in Hong Kong and Guangdong / Shenzhen. Both platform (10% industry sponsorship) and collaborative (at least 50% industry sponsorship) R&D projects with an element of cooperation between Hong Kong and Guangdong/Shenzhen are supported.


Categories of projects under TCFS:

  • Category A: projects solicited, vetted and funded solely by Hong Kong.
  • Category C: projects jointly solicited and funded by Guangdong and Hong Kong (Category C1) or Shenzhen and Hong Kong (Category C2). R&D work of the projects must be conducted in both Hong Kong and Guangdong or Shenzhen.


Applications under Category C must be submitted concurrently by both the Hong Kong and Guangdong/Shenzhen applicant organizations to ITC and Guangdong/Shenzhen authorities respectively. Unilateral submission will not be accepted. Only applications that fallen under the listed themes/topics will be considered.


For details, please refer to the information on the program and application here. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) of the Scheme can be found here.


Project Duration

Not exceed 24 months.


Funding Limit

No specific upper limit on the amount of requested funding. Approval from the Finance Committee of the Legislative Council is required for projects exceeds HK$50 million.


Submission of ORPA Form

All faculty/staff members who are going to apply for the 2021 TCFS should complete and submit the Online Research Project Submission Approval Form (ORPA) before the internal submission deadline as set by the RO.


By completing the form, the staff member is seeking consensus from his/her Department Head/School Dean to undertake the research. The staff member also commits to conduct the proposal/project according to ITC’s guidelines and meet the requirements of University policies and regulations. Proper declarations should be made in the form.


No application will be processed if the duly completed ORPA form, with all necessary levels of approval obtained, is not submitted. There is NO GUARANTEE that the application will be processed and successfully submitted to ITC if the ORPA or/and the application are received after the stipulated internal deadline.


For applications with ethics/ safety approval involved, the PI must obtain a protocol number from the Tick@Lab online system (for seeking approval on research with ethics/ safety concerns) in order to complete the ORPA form for a valid submission.


Application Procedure

Please read the relevant guides and use the appropriate forms for application via the Innovation and Technology Commission Funding Administrative System II (ITCFAS II).



2 November 2021



Miss Emily Tsang (Email:, Tel: 2358 6061)

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